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AI Intent Marketing™

Use Artificial Intelligence to find your prospects showing "Intent to Buy"

Video Conversion Marketing™

Use Video to increase conversions by as much as 80%

Bestselling Author and International Speaker


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Increase your event attendance through our video outreach PLUS insure post-event satisfaction with our personalized training and workshops.


What Do Event Professionals Have to Say?

Dwight was my Expert Speaker at my C-Level Conference, Asia Insurance Brokers Summit, which had CEOs from over 20 countries. Dwight was ranked Number 1 in engaging the audience. He has great passion and dedication to see through what he wants to achieve. I highly recommend him as a great guy to be on the same team with!

Daniel Tan



The Global Executive MBA for Asia Pacific Summit was held at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Feedback received from executives in attendance was extremely positive to Dwight's content, expertise, passion and engagement. He is an invaluable contributor and we have invited and welcomed Dwight back to participate and speak in many subsequent programs.

Lucy Allard



8 Amazing Event Deliverables

Pre-During-and-Post VIDEO outreach & personalized workshops to increase your ATTENDANCE BY AS MUCH 230% with guaranteed delivery of actionable take-aways.


1. Video Marketing + Social Media Promotion


  • Our Team Will:

  • Produce short promotional videos for your event
  • Run direct outreach campaigns to engage your prospective audience including any contacts you provide


  • Our Team Will:

  • Promote your event through all of our social media channels, from the day we book the date, until the day of the event.

2. Pre-Event VIP Audience Interviews


  • Our Team Will:

  • Conduct pre-event audience interviews with your VIP attendees to determine the highest priority needs that your audience needs resolved withen our presentation.


3. Valuable Audience Content + Takeaways

  • Valuable Audience Content + Takeaways

  • Your Audience Will Receive:

  • • Real Live Examples and case studies of how our clients have been able to utilize technology and innovation to become extremely successful.

  • Proven Action Plan to become successful using the exact tools and strategies shared in the presentation.

4. Attendee Copy of Bestselling Book and Marketing Hacks Video Vault Access

  • Amazon Bestseller "The Lean CMO" and Best Hacks Video Library

  • Your Audience Will Receive:

  • Free Access to our Best Hacks Video Vault containing the top tips and tricks that every business needs to know to become lean and run more efficiently (VALUE $1,950 USD).

  • Free + Discounted Copies of Amazon Bestseller, "The Lean CMO" will be given to your our audience free (up to a fixed number and then a deep discount offered by volume).


5. Searchable Presentation Video with Voiceover

  • Searchable Presentation Video with Voiceover

  • Your Audience Will Receive:

  • Presentation Video with Narration in (AI search for video) so your audience can revisit any part of the presentation simply by typing in any phrase or keyword into the search bar to go directly to that part of the presentation. 

  • Presentation Access, which means no need for notetaking with the power of AI Video Search!

6. Accountability Workshop for Your Audience

  • Accountability Workshop for Your Audience

  • Your Audience Will Receive:

  • Live Follow-up Accountability Workshop exclusively held for your participants to get answers to any questions they need and to check their progress in implementing the strategies and techniques covered in our presentation.

7. On-going Video Training

  • On-going Video Training

  • Your Audience Will Receive:

  • Personalized Video Training every month for 6 months, providing solutions and addressing questions and comments discussed during the event and the accountability workshop.

8. SPECIAL BONUS GIFT: Event Promo Video

  • SPECIAL BONUS GIFT: Event Promo Video

  • You and Your Organization:

  • SPECIAL BONUS GIFTAt our cost, as a “Thank you” for having us speak at your event, we have a production team film event highlights and attendee testimonials which we will then deliver to you for use in promoting all future events (VALUE $5,000).

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The Video


Marketing™ Workshop

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Dwight Holcomb

CEO - HC Development

AI Intent Marketing and Video Conversion Marketing to help Software CEOs find ready-to-buy decision makers, decreasing closing time by as much as 50% and doubling sales results.

Amazon Bestseller

"The Lean CMO"

How a small marketing budget can produce BIG RESULTS

Most Marketing Executives struggle to create profitable video marketing campaigns, so we created the Video Conversion Marketing™ Workshop to guide you on exactly where to start with the best videos having the greatest return, so you can improve conversions by as much as 80% for any campaign and have confidence in your Video Marketing Plan.

Dwight is the author of Amazon Bestseller "The Lean CMO", a Member of the Forbes Business Council and the host of, "SaaS CEO Success TV" airing on the C-Suite TV.  The network has global distribution in 59 million households and more than 90 million views per month.  Dwight is the CEO of HC Development, helping CEOs of Software companies with Marketing Strategy and Execution. 

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